October 17, 2005


Welcome to the East Nicolaus High School Homecoming Football Game! See the Jr. Varsity players happily run off the field after their early evening victory! Watch the ENHS Rodeo Team carry in the flags on horseback to the center of the field! Listen to the band (minus a few members who are tonight's king & queen nominees) play the national anthem!

Enjoy a delicious shredded beef sandwich from the temporary snack bar (the permanent one burned down a few weeks ago after some still hot charcoal was dumped next to it)! Watch the East Nicolaus Spartans take the field! Wait, what's this? Six minutes into the game, and there's an official time-out. Why are the referees calling for a time-out? Oh, they need a shovel to clean up the horse manure on the field!

Now it's halftime, and the homecoming floats parade around on the track. See the kids from each class riding on a somewhat decorated flat-bed farming trailer!

Now it's the second half. See the pastor leave early, taking his two tired (too-tired!) children home. Good night! Let me know who wins!

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[rhymes with kerouac] said...

Oh, man! How can you not love this stuff!