May 19, 2005

World of Blog

A while back, I posted an essay in which I referred to Andra Moran's new CD, and how listening to one of the songs helped lift me up on a day I was feeling a little down. What I didn't say is that I've actually met Andra a couple of times; she partnered with my friend Josh on this album several years ago, her sister attended a church I used to pastor, and I see her sometimes at big church gatherings. Well, lo and behold, today I received an email from none other than Andra herself. It turns out she found my blog, and the post I wrote. She thanked me for my "plug" (I wasn't trying to plug anything, honest!), and mentioned how it had actually helped to lift her mood.

They say that misery loves company, but maybe if two "miseries" find each other, they will be "miseries" no more.

Anyway, I emailed her back, but I forgot to ask her the one question that's been on my mind: What significant role does Lemony Snickett play in Andra's life, to receive a thank-you in her liner notes?

As it turns out, I may soon be finding more readers soon. DisciplesWorld magazine will be posting a link to my blog on its website later this summer. I will be attending the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and they want a couple of bloggers to blog about their experiences there. I'm looking forward to it.

By the way, it really is a good CD. Andra really is a good singer/songwriter. And yes, that, my friends, is a plug.

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