May 04, 2005



It's that time of year. The cropdusters are now dropping the rice seed (and who knows what else) on the fields next to the house. The field to the east is already flooded, while water should start flowing into the fields that are east and south of the church any day now.... Hold on, he's circling back. Vrooooooom.

A few hours ago, I gave a little tour of the church to two people from other churches in our region. They were here representing our regional church's "Miracle Day" committee. Miracle Day is a day when people from all over the region gather at a local church to do as much work as they possibly can, painting, constructing, repairing, etc., etc. You could think of it as an Amish barnraising, or "Extreme Makeover: Church Edition." Or, as one fifteen-year-old likes to call it, "Pimp My Church."


This is pretty exciting stuff for our little congregation. And it's going to be a lot of work too. But the real miracle won't be the upstairs room that will be fixed up, or the old pews that will be repaired, or the walls that will be repainted. The real miracle will be in the hearts of the people who come. I know, because six years ago, I got to help out at another church's Miracle Day in southern California. New life came to the church and its community in the weeks and months that followed. We're praying for a similar thing here....Vroooooom.

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