May 09, 2005


It ain't rain 'til it falls, 'til it caves in all the walls, 'til it swallows you up in the storm. It ain't rain if you don't break, you just do whatever it takes.
"It Ain't Rain" by Andra Moran & Gabe Dixon

Once again, it's raining, but this time I don't mind. For one thing, it's not an all-day drizzle, but an on-again, off-again rain, with breaks of sun and then periods of really heavy rain. A few minutes ago, there was even some small hail. I don't mind, because when it's really raining, I find it peaceful to watch the rain fall.

I've been finding peace hard to come by the past few days. A lot of good things have happened (worship yesterday was wonderful), but also a lot to cause me some level of anxiety. After a terrible night's sleep, in which I lay in bed listening to the wind, and worrying that the tree in the back yard that is splitting in half was about to come crashing through the roof, I woke up to discover that the tree is still standing. I was also even able to share some of my anxieties with my wife (I usually hold such things in, which is part of my problem), although, stressed out herself by weekend events, she wasn't exactly sympathetic. But I was able to say it, which is something.

So now, I'm watching the rain, working in my home office, with some candles lit on my desk, and listening to a new CD by Andra Moran which just arrived in the mail today. Later this week, the sun is supposed to shine, with temperatures in the 80s, and by then, hopefully, I'll have a decent story to post here. Until then, I'm going to get some rest and try to take care of myself.

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