May 31, 2005

Camp & Rock Doves

Not much time to "blog" tonight. (Is "blog" a verb?) I've been running around and making phone calls, trying to get youth in my church registered for summer camp. Registrations that are turned in by tomorrow get a $25 discount. Church camp is an amazing experience, as I'm sure many of you know, and I hope you do whatever you can to get the young people you know to camp this summer.

On another topic, I've had a new friend hanging around the parsonage the past few days. It's a rock dove, and if I wasn't so lazy and tired tonight, I'd post a picture here rather than simply put up a link to one that somebody else took. Everything I've read about rock doves, which really are just common pigeons, says that they like the cities. Well, I guess that's just one more sign that eventually, development will come to this quiet, rural countryside.


jo(e) said...

I resisted using blog as a verb for the longest time. I'd say that I was "writing something for my blog" or "reading blogs" or "surfing blogs." But eventually, I gave in and started using the catch-all phrase. My kids ask what I'm doing and I say, "I'm blogging."

G. said...

We call pigeons "rats that fly" here in Chicago, but I've always thought that they were beautiful-but-ditzy birds. We also have seagulls and Canadian geese here in the city, so what do birds know about where they're "supposed" to be? ;)

mark said...

For the longest time, we had three wild turkeys living somewhere in the neighborhood. They would usually end up hanging out in the church parking lot, gobbling loudly at people.
So, although they weren't where most wild turkeys hang out, at least they had the sense to try to come to church!!

PPB said...

I'm such a fan of summer camp for kids. Church camp was my first experience of it, and if I wasn't sticking to my story of being 27, I'd tell you that I've been going for 28 years!