April 08, 2005

And Nobody Came

I wrote this on Thursday, but for some reason could not log in to the blogger website to post it until today. I wouldn't trade being a pastor for anything, but does have its share of frustrating moments....

I've been busy lately.

I know everyone has, and I know I always feel busy, but it seems that I've been even busier than normal lately.

Last night, I go over to the church and get everything set up for Bible Study. Bible Study attendance has been very low lately, and sometimes I wonder, why bother, except that it's a really good study we're doing now, and I enjoy it. However, last night I waited for the people to show up. And I waited, and waited....

Down the street, there was a community program at the library that I wanted to attend. It goes for three Wednesdays in a row. But it was already half over. If only I had known. Not wanting to waste my evening, I grabbed a Bible off the table, and started reading. It's actually kind of peaceful, to read a Bible alone in a quiet church.

I opened up the Bible at random, and came to the story of the king who invited people to come to a banquet, but nobody came. So he went out and invited those who weren't on the invite list to come and enjoy his food.

This got me thinking: what if I organized a Bible study, but invited only non-members? Would the non-members come? Would any of the members try to come? Something to think about.

Next week, there will be no Bible Study. I'm going to the program at the library. In two weeks, I'm going to Disneyland. After that,... we'll see.

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PPB said...

Well, I'm a (part time) college chaplain, and on Sunday, I got there (driving an hour), set up, duplicated the bulletin, and --because it was beautiful, had only 2 in attendance. Sigh. I hear you.