February 23, 2005

Less judging, more loving

A little update.... Over the recent 3-day weekend, my wife was out of town to direct a high-school retreat for 50 youth from churches throughout northern California. Having never directed before, she was anxious to say the least, but when she got home on Monday evening, she was so happy not only because of how well the weekend went, but also because she loves camp & youth. Meanwhile, I was busy entertaining my two sisters, my brother-in-law, my two nieces, and my father, who all decided to pack a minivan and drive up from southern California for the weekend. I, too, had a wonderful weekend, but when they left Monday morning, I collapsed onto the couch, where I stayed for the rest of the day with a fever, aches & pains, the whole works. My poor wife, having been in the wonderful world of camp-land, came home to a sick husband, a messy house, and our two young boys who wanted someone to give them some attention. Can I just say how wonderful she is!

Fortunately my illness was short-lived. Tuesday I was feeling a little better, and Wednesday (today) I'm back to 100%. And thank you reverend mommy for asking about me! It's nice to know I'm loved and missed! And to answer your question about the woman at the well, the thing I realized is that Jesus knew everything about her, yet he still asked her about her life, and listened to her. Why would he do that if he knew all about her? And he didn't even judge her. How often do I judge people without listening to them, filling in the details of their life with stuff I've made up in my mind? Less judging, more loving....

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